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Camille c’est moi et les garçons sont mes trois meilleurs copains.

J’ai crée ce blog mode pour vous faire partager ce que j’ai aimé, vu et découvert ainsi que les gens autour de moi dont le style m’inspire.

Je regroupe en un même lieu tout ce qui compose mon univers.

J’aime Paris et y vis.

C’est moi qui prend toutes les photos de ce blog, sauf quand je cite quelqu’un d’autre.

Voici une interview que l’on a faite de moi si vous souhaitez mieux me connaître.




Interview with: Camille Benaroche from
by Chiara Brisigotti from The Bubblist

1)     Hi Camille! I saw your launch party at Kong Paris was a great success, can you tell us a bit more about how you started your blog ?

Hi ! I spent the four last month of 2012 in London where I worked in a PR agency and met a lot of fashion bloggers. I found them very cool, chic, influential and talented. When I got back to Paris, I decided to create my own blog. My aim was to showned my fashion ideas and my style. Friends of mine who work for a event company proposed me to organize a party for the launch of my blog, I accepted straightaway ! The party at Kong in Paris was amazing.

2)    Tell us more about your background, and why you decided to start a blog recently  (if not already answered in question 1)

I studied In Paris at EFAP (french school of communication and journalism) and I did a lot of interniships in Fashion magazines (as ELLE or Marie-Claire). Fashion is a huge part of my dailylife and having my blog appeared to be an obviousness thing. I wanted to show my universe and put together all my ideas.

3)   If you could describe your style in a few words, what would they be?

I would say my style is quite simple but always with a glamour and feminine touch. Accessories are for me the most important things. A pair of nice shoes or a bag can change a look completely !

4)    Where do you get most of your inspirations?

I’m very inspired by my friends, the people around me who I have recently met or those who I have known for ages. That’s why I decided to showcase a lot of people with different outfits and not only me like in most blogs.

5)    Could you please describe your usual day when blogging?

First thing I do when I wake up is to check out my instagram, facebook, twitter account, answer my emails and my messages. I usually go out in the mornig to take pictures of a friend with an outfit I have chosen or I go to a fashion event like an exhibition, the opening of a new store, a fashion show … In the afternoon, I’m used to going in a press (PR) office in order to identify the new trends and borrow clothes for my future shooting. Then I go back home to post on my blog. Publishing articles the same day is essential for me. I want my readers to see the same things than me almost at the same time. That is the whole point of a blog for me.

And after this busy day, I usually meet up with “les garçons” who are my three best friends, three boys,  whith who i love having dinner, watching a movie or going out.

6) Any interesting upcoming projects for camilleetlesgarcons?

I want to realize fashion edito as in magazine with a model ,a make-up artist, a photograph and I’ll do the stylism … it’ll be soon online!

7)    Thanks a lot for your time, anything you would like to share for your followers?

Well, to my followers : thank you! My blog is here thanks to you and all the things I do are for you!!

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